TOMY introduces the unique evolving Rizmo plush toys

TOMY introduces the unique evolving Rizmo plush toysThere’s a new interactive stuffed animal on the market. Meet Rizmo by TOMY. It’s an unique toy which evolves and physically grows as time goes by.

The name comes from “Rhythm Monster”. Rizmo comes with five play modes. With them, kids can earn musical points by singing and playing with Rizmo.

As time goes by, Rizmo will also learn the song and start singing it. When kids earn enough points, Rizmo will evolve from a baby to kid.

Keep playing and eventually Rizmo will grow to an adult. This will also unlock two more play modes. For now there’s only one character – Rizmo. It comes in one of three colors – berry, aqua and snow. Each Rizmo also has a specific music style. It’s a surprise and kids find out about it after they fully evolve their Rizmo.

Rizmo goes into the stores this week. The prices will vary from region to region, but they will be around $60 a pop. Will Rizmo become the next big thing and remind us about the Hatchimals craze? It certainly has the potential to do so.