Tombot aims to be the world’s most realistic robotic dog

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Tombot aims to be the world's most realistic robotic dogRobotic stuffed animals can be a lot more than just toys. Tombot for example aims to be the world’s most realistic robotic dog for Alzheimer’s patients.

Tombot is a cute, realistic looking dog which will move and act like a real dog. It’s still in development, so it will become even better with time.

The creator of Tombot is Tom Stevens. He started to work on the projects after his mother, diagnosed with Alzehimer’s, had to give up her goldendoodle. “This sent me on a multi-year research and educational journey to learn more about the science of emotional attachment and human-dog relationships,” he said.

He’s been working on the project for about two years after a successful initial Kickstarter campaign. Tombot aims to start selling the robotic dogs by August 2020.

The dog, called Jenny, has a lot of sensors and responds to touch. It can also have facial expressions, wag her tail and can bark. The robotic dog will also respond to voice commands. The sensors records the interactions which can help caregivers know how their patients are doing.