Today is the Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Today is the Plush Animal Lover's DayOctober 28th of each year is the annual Plush Animal Lover’s Day. It is the day when fans of stuffed animals express their love for the best toys ever.

Well, yes, we are a bit biased. But today is an important day. Sure, for any true fan of stuffed animals any day is Plus Animal Lover’s Day, since we devote quite a lot of attention and care for our stuffed friends. Even so, the day is a way to get more people into the great hobby.

Many people love stuffed animals and a lot of them are adults. But since it is accepted that adults shouldn’t play with toys, fans of stuffies are often shamed or laughed at by others. So most people don’t really admit openly that they still have a favorite plush toy.

The annual Plush Animal Lover’s Day is a great way to show them that there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all we all know that stuffies help depression, give hope and comfort. They are also a great gift and a way to express warm feelings toward another human being.

The day is also a neat way to have some fun. Maybe take a stuffie to the office or participate in some stuffed animal activities or a teddy bear picnic. Show that you’re a great stuffed animals owner.

The origins of the Plush Animal Lover’s Day are not known. There are a few various theories but nothing has been agreed on by historians that it is the origin of the special day. One of the more popular urban legends is that in the late 1980s, just as the Teddy Bear picnics were gaining popularity some people were not happy of the idea of bringing only teddy bears and neglecting other stuffed animals. So they went and created the Plush Lover’s Day to show appreciation for all kinds of stuffed animals.

Today though, all stuffies are welcomed to teddy bear picnics anyway and the Plush Lover’s Day has become a celebration of all stuffies the way it should be. So happy special day to all fans of stuffed animals and make sure to make it a special day too for your furry friends!