Three impressive Disney plush animals collections

Disney plush animals collection
Image credit: Disney

As you know, we at StuffedParty like to show great stuffed animals collections. Today is no exception. We have chosen three great Disney plush animals collections that we liked.

These Disney plush animals collections are quite interesting. One of the certainly is the biggest one we’ve seen so far and it has an entire dedicated room.

Do you have your own Disney plush animals collections? Or maybe you collect other types of stuffies? Show them in the comments or in our forum. But now, lets check out the


Disney plush animals collections

We begin with this great collection. It features over 400 soft toys with the vast majority of them being of Disney characters. According to the owner, the collection is maintained for more than fifteen years now. Good stuff.

This next collection though is even more impressive. It features over 1000 (yes, one thousand) toys and all of them are from Disney. It’s so big that the collection has it’s own dedicated room. Enjoy.

Some collections though are much more focused. They feature only specific characters. Take this collection for example that features only toys from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. It may not be that big in numbers, but the dedication is certainly impressive.

Bonus clip: Ever wondered what it is like in a Disney official store? Specifically the section with plush animals? Well, take a look in this tour:

Found anything you’d like to get? We know we did. Now if only we could get to Florida…