Thousands of people find 58 000 Easter Eggs in Michigan City

Thousands of people find 58 000 Easter Eggs in Michigan City
Flickr (CC) / Steven Depolo

Over 2500 people went to Washington Park in Michigan City for the 2017 Great Easter Egg Hunt. They found a total of 58 000 Easter eggs. Yes, that many!

The sixth annual Great Easter Egg Hunt took all of 10 minutes. But it also took months of planning, hundreds of volunteers and thousands in donations.

All of this helped make the event a success. Even more. According to the Michigan City Police, this is the biggest community outreach event of the year, TheNewsDispatch reports.

Primary sponsors for the egg hunt are the city police department, Mayor Ron Meer and Captain Ed’s Furniture Showroom and Candy Story. There’s also huge support from local businesses, individuals, officers, families, students, county employees. Basically the entire community takes some part in organizing, funding and running the event.

Over 200 volunteers take part to hide the eggs. All eggs this year had candy inside. And at the quarter deck of the Aye Candy pirate ship had prizes. Instead of grabbing, the pirate ship was giving: T-shirts, candy and stuffed animals.

As you can imagine, with so many people, the actual hunt was a bit frantic and very quick. It took about 10 minutes, but most participants found at least a few eggs. They were actually plastic and reusable for next year. The event is growing so big, planning for next year’s event will start very soon.