Thousands of people attended the Teddy Bear Clinic in Pocatello

Thousands of people attended the Teddy Bear Clinic in Pocatello
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

Teddy Bear Clinic events are a great way to increase health awareness and care in kids. And the Teddy Bear Clinic in Pocatello this weekend gathered thousands of people. It was quite the event.

This was the annual ‘Teddy Bear Clinic’ at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, KPVI reported. Over 200 volunteers were also there for the event to help the huge number of guests.

As always, kids could bring their own stuffed animals and teddy bears to get checked. Volunteers and actual doctors helped kids with the experience.

Healthy lessons

The goal was simple, as with all teddy bear clinic events – to show kids it’s not that bad or scary to go to the hospital or the doctor.

“I think this kind of helps me. If you break a bone, I’ll know what they will be doing,” says Emryail Warnock, Event Attendee to KPVI. Parents are also pleased with the event.

“I just think it’s a fun thing for our community and the kids are involved and this nurse was telling me that it’s a good idea if they ever get hurt or sick, they can come and feel comfortable in this environment and it’s just fun for the kids,” says Sierra Cheney, Event Attendee.

Doctors and hospital officials also like the event. It’s a way for them to get closer to the community. It’s also helping them teach kids about important health habits, care and hospital manipulations.

This way when kids do have to go to the doctor, they are more calm and understand easier what is going on. Plus, they get familiar with the doctors and the hospital. Parents also learn new things and it’s easier for them to bring their kids to the doctor in the future.

“But also for kids, if they ever have to come to the hospital, a lot of things can happen that they are not familiar with, so we have them bring their teddy bears. They walk them through a bunch of different stations, including x-ray or stitches or casting, so they’re at least somewhat familiar in the event they need to come and experience those things themselves,” says Todd Blackinton, Portneuf Medical Center.

The event is getting more and more popular every year. And there are also other emergency teams that join. For example, this year for the first time the Pocatello Fire Department was demonstrating ‘hands only’ CPR. This way everyone learn new and important skills.