This USS Intrepid aircraft carrier is the largest LEGO ship ever made

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This USS Intrepid aircraft carrier is the largest LEGO ship ever made
Image credit: Ed Diment

Aircraft carries are huge ships and very complex. Imagine the challenge of recreating the USS Intrepid in a 1:40 scale entirely out of LEGO. Here it is!

The ship was made by Ed Diment who is from the UK. It took him about a year of solid work to create the model. The USS Intrepid is one of the 24 Essex-class US Navy aircraft carriers built during World War II. Diment has made his LEGO model as close to the real ship as possible.

As a result, the LEGO the USS Intrepid is 22 feet long or 6.7 meters! It is 4.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide which in metrics means 137 cm tall and 137 cm wide! It weighs 550 pounds or 249 kg! The LEGO aircraft carrier has been made with a total of 250 000 LEGO bricks!

Diment built the entire thing at his home in a specially separated room. The LEGO ship is complete with a crew, equipment and of course, a lot of LEGO airplanes. The ship is built in sections so it can be taken apart and put in big wooden crates and being transported. This is needed as, naturally, it was in high demand by museums and it has been to quite a few of them on display.

The overall attention to detail is quite impressive. There are working doors everywhere. There are tool boxes, instruments all over the place. The entire inner structure of the aircraft carrier is also represented! It’s not just an empty shell, but it has galleys, storage areas and hangars for the planes!

What’s more, there are even working ramps that lift the planes from the inside hangars to the deck! Everything is done with LEGO bricks!

You can follow the entire build progress and see the comments from Ed Diment as he created the ship. He has made an official gallery on Flickr, which you can see right here.