This unique Baby Yoda already has a 14-th month waitlist

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This unique Baby Yoda already has a 14-th month waitlist
Image: GakmanCreatures

Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm and is a huge hit. So huge, that even unofficial Baby Yoda toys enjoy massive interest. Some even have huge waitlists.

Etsy store GakmanCreatures is making the unofficial Baby Yoda toy you see above. It costs a whopping $300 and is made-to-order.

The toy is mostly a display figure as it’s made from polymer clay, pastels and faux fur. It’s 5-inches tall and fully articulated, so you can pose it thanks to it’s wire skeleton. Each of these Baby Yoda toys is handmade.

As you can expect, all of this makes them highly desirable. “Due to the high demand, actual waiting period is at least 14-17 months after the date of purchase or even longer. This item can’t be delivered by Christmas 2019 and 2020”, CNET reports.

It’s not known how many of these Baby Yoda toys will GakmanCreatures make. Considering that it’s only one person that makes them, it will probably take some time to make them all. So, we’d expect that these Baby Yodas will be a limited version and won’t be easy to get.