This dude won 15 000 stuffed animals from claw machines for one year

This dude won 15 000 stuffed animals from claw machines for one yearSo, you’ve won a few stuffed animals from a claw machine and you’re rather good at it? Think again. This guy won 15 000 stuffies from claw machines.

And what’s more, he’s won so many toys in the last year, alone, the¬†Shanghaiist reports. He is Chen Zhitong and a while back said he’s won over 3000 stuffies in six months.

Don’t believe him? The owners of the arcades where he was going invited him to dinner and begged him to stop playing. He was costing them so much money!

Chen was recently profiled by Great Big Story videos. In the clip he says he’s actually won 15 000 toys and stuffed animals from claw machines. Most of them come from the claw machines at various malls.

Chen is 35-years-old and knows everything there’s to know about claw machines. He says there are two types of machines. With one you can actually win with skills, the other one is preprogrammed. It doesn’t matter how good you are, it matters to have the chance to play a round which is programmed to win.

Chen pays attention to the strength of the claw, the angle and rotation. Even the layout of the toys. If they are too packed in, winning is that much more tougher.

Chen admits that having so many toys can be problematic. They are all over his apartment and he has no more room. This helped him realize he can also do good with the toys.

So, last year alone he has donated around 1000 toys to schools for the deaf and the blind. He loved to bring in joy to the kids, so he will continue to win at the claw machines and donate toys to those in need.