This dad has a creative way to keep kids busy during quarantine

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This dad has a creative way to keep kids busy during quarantineQuarantine time can be a tough challenge for more active kids who like to be outside and play. But for now, that’s not recommended, so we have to stay home.

And while many parents find it difficult to keep their kids busy during the lockdowns. This UK dad has had a very creative idea, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

He’s taking some of his kids’ favorite toys and.. freezes them in water. Then he gives the toys to his two boys. They have the challenge to think of ways to get the toys out of the ice in the quickest way possible.

The boys are ages 8 and 3 so they spend a good hour or more trying to free the toys with spoons and other items. “I was quite chuffed with myself because I set them up in the garden, came back inside, made myself a bacon sandwich and sat down,” Duncan Gillespie admitted to SWNS.

“They loved it. It was quite fun to watch them come up with strategies. As I was out there I could see them saying ‘what happens if we push it down the slide,’ ‘what happens if we drop it.’ They were trying all sorts of things. They’re both very creative boys so it was just kind of fuel for their creativity. I think that’s why they played with it for so long,” he added.

It’s a simple and great way to motivate kids’ creativity. Just be mindful of what toys you freeze. Action figures would be fine, but not stuffed animals.