This cute bulldog won’t go out without his stuffed animal

This cute bulldog won't go out without his stuffed animalReal animals also love stuffed animals. Some more than others. This cute 10-year-old bulldog for example, will not go out without taking his stuffed animal.

The dog is called Winston and he has a special hobby. He loves his stuffed animals. His most favorite is a brown teddy bear.

Winston loves his plush monkey. He loves it so much, he will not go out without taking the toy with him. In fact, he even takes it with him when he needs to go outside for a bathroom break, The Dodo reports.

“Winston is very attached to his toys,” Becky Smith, Winston’s mom, told The Dodo. “His favorite toys are his duck and bear. He carries them outside with him almost every time and has done this for many years.”

If it happens that he forgets a toy, he immediately wants to go back and take it with him. Smith says he seems to feel comforted and safe when he’s with his stuffed animals. Basically, they make him feel better just as they do with humans.

Winston even loves to suck the noses of his stuffed animals when he sleeps, just a baby would suck his or her thumb. His owners love his quirks and say that Winston is the sweetest and cutest dog. Probably the stuffed animals have something to do with that.