This custom plushie is the scariest teddy bear you will ever see

This custom plushie is the scariest teddy bear you will ever seeBeware, this teddy bear is NOT for kids. It’s for Stephen King’s adult fans and it’s the scariest teddy bear you will ever see. IT (hint) really is.

IT was made by Quiet Room Bears and it’s called Pennywise. Now those names may sound soothing and nice, but there’s nothing nice about this bear.

Arist Lee Howard is the man behind the project and the company. He says he makes “one of a kind, individually numbered horror art bears” and has been doing so since 2001.

Well, Pennywise is definitely his most scary bear ever. It’s based on Tim Curry’s depiction of the clown IT and the new movie about him which will come out soon.

“This bear is BIG! It is about 20″ while sitting! It is also quite heavy,” Howard told Bloody-Disgusting. “It features half of a clown face, hand-stitched on wig, pant legs and sleeves, and inside its chest cavity is a paper boat near a sewer hole, with a red balloon sitting near!”

Doesn’t sound scary enough? Well, Howard took the demo pics of Pennywise on the actual spot where they filmed scenes for the new movie.

While this bear is definitely not for kids, it would be ideal for all horror movie fans. It will also work great during Halloweeen as the scariest prop ever. Beware.