This Baby Yoda plushie is also a backpack

This Baby Yoda plushie is also a backpackBaby Yoda toys are still rare, as most companies are working on them. Soon you will also be able to get a plush Baby Yoda which is also a backpack.

The new toy is a creation by Bioworld. It features all of the characteristics of Baby Yoda, including the big ears and eyes.

Baby Yoda is also wearing his fur-line jacket which is also a backback. It has a big zipper at the back and straps and you can rock your Baby Yoda on your back along with your belongings.

The style of Baby Yoda is more on the cartoon front as opposed to mimic the actual character. Still, it will be more than enough for many fans, especially kids.

It’s a relatively small backpack, so it’s exactly suitable for kids. The backpack will cost $23.99 and it’s already on pre-order. Shipping should start around April this year.

This is in line with other Baby Yoda toys. They all should start coming in from the middle of Spring 2020. By that time there will be plenty to choose from for all fans of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in particular.