This 6-foot tall stuffed penguin is searching for a new home

This 6-foot tall stuffed penguin is searching for a new homeIt’s not easy being a big stuffed penguin in a small house. This 6-foot tall cuddly plush penguin has this exact problem. The cute friend now needs a new home and is searching for it.

Currently, the big penguin lives with Maureen Bailey in Dudley Road, Grantham, UK. She calls him Mumble after the leading character of the movie Happy Feet.

Maureen is 75 years old and she won Mumble in a raffle in December 2016, the BBC and Grantham Journal report. “He stood in the foyer at Asda to promote the launch of Happy Feet. Once the promotion had finished, Asda decided to raffle him off to raise money for some local children’s charities”, she says.

“I actually only bought one ticket and suddenly found myself the owner of this great big penguin. It took two men to carry it. Although I didn’t know what to do with it at first, I quickly became very fond of him!”, she adds.

Big and cuddly plush penguin needs a new home

Mumble is definitely quite the looker. He is 6-feet tall and is about 9-feet around his waist. “I used to stand him in my entrance hall so he was the first thing that visitors saw”, Maureen also says. “They would always smile and loved giving him a big hug. He has had so many cuddles in his lifetime. Mumble just has something special about him. He can cheer you up whatever kind of day you’re having.”

Sadly for Mumble, Maureen is about to move into a smaller house with her fiancée James Bailey. “I will be very sad to see him go but we just won’t have room for him when we move. He deserves to be seen and enjoyed”, she says.

So, Mumble is hoping to find a new home soon. Maureen says that a venue like a hotel or something else could be a great place for Mumble. This way he can continue to bring smiles to people and give out hugs.