These are some of the new Baby Yoda toys that are coming to the market

These are some of the new Baby Yoda toys that are coming to the marketThe Baby Yoda toy craze is kicking into high gear. This is due to the 2020 New York Toy Fair which showed off plenty of related toys for the character.

And many of them are coming to the market very soon. Goodhousekeeping has a list of them and we took a look at it. There are some interesting ideas.

Of course, our main priority falls on the plush toys. And there will be plenty of plush Baby Yodas.

One of them is the Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda. It’s still on pre-order, but it’s coming soon. It seems like it’s going to be a cuddly Baby Yoda aiming to be a close representation of the character.

Another such idea is the 11-inch tall plush Baby Yoda. He has a rubber head, but a cuddly body. The toy will cost $25 and is going to hit the markets on April 1st, 2020.

There’s also the 8-inch Baby Yoda plush. This one is full plush, even the head. It’s from Mattel and it will come this fall for $13 a pop.

Then, there’s The Child Animatronic Edition. It will cost $60 when it hits the stores this fall. This small toy is a moving, talking, sleeping and playing version of Baby Yoda with lifel-like movements.

LEGO will also have Baby Yoda toys. One of them will be an official minifigure. It won’t be alone, though. It will come as a part of a big set, featuring the Mandalorian’s ship – The Razor Crest.

Other toys include a 7.5-inch talking Baby Yoda plush, plenty of action figures, a Funko POP vinyl figure and lots of board games. There is even a special edition of Operation, but instead of a surgery, you have to take some items he’s stolen.

There are plenty of other Baby Yoda toys coming from the spring all to the end of the year. Fans are certainly going to be spoiled for choice.