Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals will help keep you warm or cooled down during flu

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals will help keep you warm or cooled down during fluIt’s flu season and a lot of us will get sick at least one time. Flu can be especially tough for kids. This is where the new Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals come in. The stuffed animals will help you out a lot.

The Thermal-Aid Zoo animals are cute stuffed animals which you can heat in a microwave. You can also cool them down in the freezer.

The stuffed animals are very soft and cuddly. They are made from 100% natural cotton. Inside, they have a heating/cooling element made featuring “specially engineered corn”.

It all sounds quite complex, but the end result is simple. You can use the Thermal-Aid Zoo stuffed animals for therapeutic treatments.

What’s more, the toys come in a two-pack. This means you can always have one warming up or cooling down while you use the other. This way you won’t stop the treatment. And your child will constantly have a huggable friend.

A hug helps heal everything

You can use the cute plushies to reduce fever or relieve pain. The stuffed animals also help taking the stress out of injuries or sickness. Or you can even use them to calm child after a nightmare. The plushies really are great helpers in many cases. The toys are also washable and you can use them repeatedly.

Currently the Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals come in several 2-packs. Among them you will find a bunny and an elephant or a koala and a monkey. You can also have a bunny and a hippo or two teddy bears.

There’s also a mini version of the teddy bears. They are suitable for focusing or specific areas and smaller kids.

The prices for the regular size plushies are $39.90, but they have even lower prices at some stores. The mini versions are $15.98. There are other toys that can heat up, too. For example, these.

In any case, such stuffed animals are a great way to bring comfort to kids. And not just to kids.