There’s now a Teddy Bear Coffee shop in Toronto

There's now a Teddy Bear Coffee shop in Toronto
Image credit: Toronto Star

You’ve heard and probably read the stories about Teddy Bear coffee shops in Japan. Now, there’s one in Toronto, Canada, too. And it’s quite cool.

The Teddy Story Cafe offers a big choice of various caffeinated drinks. It also offers quite a lot of teddy bears which you can buy.

The bears rock a wide array of various outfits. Some are dressed as bakers, while others resemble the Little Red Riding Hood. You can also get separate additional outfits, too.

Teddy Story has a great… story

Teddy Story, on Adelaide St. E. near Church St., has hot drinks, fresh fruit smoothies and fancy pastries. All of them are served in a cheerful and cozy space littered with furry beige stuffed bears, The Star reports.

The owner of Toronto’s first Teddy Bear Coffee shop is Ning Jia. The reason she gives? “I love teddy bears”. She also says she loves coffee and decided to bring her two passions together. Thus, Teddy Story is born.

The Star notes that when you give Jia a teddy bear, she quickly turns into a fan. She starts to show off her Teddy Bear collection with passion.

Jia’s idea for a Teddy Bear coffee shop isn’t just something she thought of on the spot. She really did her preparation. She’s from China, but moved to Canada and New York to study. After graduating, she went back to China for a special six-month course on coffee. There she also went to Thailand to score a deal with Teddy House. They make teddy bears and are popular in Asia, but not really in Canada.

Then she found a nice place for the store and started renovating it. Finally, this last November the Teddy Story Cafe opened. Jia enjoys telling her customers both about the coffee she offers and the various details of the handmade teddy bears the shop offers, too.