The Warmies are finally here

The Warmies are finally hereThe Warmies are finally out and coming to stores. These stuffed animals can go in the mircroware to heat up and then cuddle with you.

Intelex is the company which makes the Warmies. It uses dried lavender and millet grains in the stuffing of the Warmies, SocialNewsDaily reports.

The goal? You have a cuddly, cute stuffed animal to snuggle with after a long day. Well, it’s also for kids, but we all know adults would also love a cuddle.

The Warmies will emit a nice scent after they come out of the microwave. They will help both kids and adults to relax.

The Warmies already come in a variety of plushies and styles. And you can also use them as a cooling pack if you pop the min the freezer for a bit, too. So, they are not only Warmies, but.. Coolies? We will let ourselves out.