The Van Wert County Hospital opened a yearly Teddy Bear Clinic

The Van Wert County Hospital opened a yearly Teddy Bear Clinic
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

The Teddy Bear Clinic events are gaining more and more popularity. The Van Wert County Hospital opened such a clinic and plans to make it happen once a year.

The hospital wants to use the Teddy Bear Clinic events to help kids over come fears of going to the doctor. It also uses the event to educate children.

While they have fun, they can learn more about basic medical care and staying healthy. They also get to see what goes on during different medical examinations.

All of this is made in a fun and educational setting. Kids can see how different equipment works and what it does. Kids could also ask questions and participate in some tasks and activities.

And the event can also bring some needed care to teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Their tears or other issues can be fixed during the Teddy Bear Clinic.

“The unknown for children is very scary. Along with parents and doing the teddy bear clinic allows us to show them that it’s not all scary. We’re going to take care of you while you’re here. We’re going to show them what could possibly happen, and that it’s a safe place to be,” said ER Director Paula Stabler to YourHometownStations.

The hospital plans to make the teddy bear clinic a yearly event. It hopes it will attract more kids and that it will help them overcome stress and fears of doctors. This is the first key step in looking after yourself and keeping your health as good as possible.