The upcoming Barbie movie gets its official release date

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The upcoming Barbie movie gets its official release date
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mike Mozart

Sony Pictures has confirmed that the Barbie movie will land in cinemas across the US from May 12th, 2017. More details about the movie are following.

Until now there was no definitive date for the Barbie movie. Now, the movie has reshuffled its schedule and has made it official. There is a little more than a year until the Barbie movie should be in the cinemas.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean that it will happen on time. Currently only the script is ready. It is written by Jenny Bicks and Diablo Cody. But the movie still hasn’t begun production. There is even no director at the moment.

All of this means that the movie production should either move very fast once it gets going, or that there will be e delay. So far, Sony is adamant that there is more than enough time.

The story centers on Barbara Millicent Roberts, who dates a young man named Ken, and her friends. The movie will be live action, which means real people will play the roles and it will not be an animation. How will they portray Barbie’s unusual physics and who will play the characters is still unknown.

The movie is expected to show Barbie in a more natural light, more person and not a doll or a toy. It should tell her life story and make a closer connection with the fans. Will that happen, we will see next year.