The University of Utah installs a “Cry Closet” with stuffed animals

The University of Utah installs a "Cry Closet" with stuffed animals
Image credit: @aJackieLarsen / Twitter

Stress in college can be quite big. And for many students it’s also the first time they experience high stress, especially before exams. So, the University of Utah, has an interesting solution. It has a “Cry Closet” with stuffed animals.

The “Cry Closet” is in the library. Students can use it to go there if they are stressed out and cry. Well, officially, they can take a “short 10-minute break”.

The closet has a set of rules. It’s free to use, but you have to limit your time to 10 minutes. There’s even a timer.

Jackie Larsen is a student at the university and posted a few pics of the closet on Twitter. They have since become viral and even made it to Buzz Feed.

And while it may seem strange or even silly, the closet is with a mission. “The installation, available for use by all students, has sparked dialogue about expressing emotions, particularly those in public spaces,” a rep from the University of Utah told BuzzFeed News.

The closet was made by senior student Nemo Miller. She made it in her woodshop class. “I am providing a space for students who are studying during finals week to go take a five- to ten-minute break in a nice cushy … soft environment away from all the harsh lights of the library,” Miller told the Daily Utah Chronicle.

The University will keep the closet on display until May 2nd 2018. While it’s doubtful that anyone will actually cry, it’s about the message. And also about raising the attention towards high stress. It’s something that torments a lot of people and it can be very difficult to fix. Stuffed animals for sure can help.