The UK branch of Toys R Us already is having some big sales

The UK branch of Toys R Us already is having some big sales
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

If we have to find something positive in everything, for the Toys R Us closing that’s definitely the huge sales and big discounts. Toys R Us must sell off all of its stock. This is going to lead to some big sales and huge discounts.

And while the US Toys R Us stores are preparing for the sales, the UK branch is already doing big deals. The sad part is this is going to be the last sale Toys R Us stores ever do.

They are going out with a big bang, though. The UK Toys R Us stores are already offering some impressive deals for all types of toys. Naturally, the popular toys will sell easier with lower discounts. But the less popular toys, or more expensive ones, will try and gather attention with some big price cuts.

For example a pink Fiat 500 ride-on car. It has opening doors, accelerator, volume control, forward and reverse, engine sounds and more. Kids can drive it with a top speed of 1.6 mph. Toys R Us UK offers it with 34% off for 85 Pounds. There’s also a Porsche Macan which is even faster at 2.5 mph and has working LED lights. It’s 33% off at 120 Pounds.

There’s also a great pushchair seat in a 3-in-1 system, shopping basket, seat recline, etc. You can even use it as a carrycot for overnight sleeping. It’s 400 Pounds after a 32% discount.

Kids can also enjoy the summer in their very own wooden playhouse. It has a door, perspex windows and a porch. It’s 110 Pounds after a 35% discount.

There are a lot more interesting deals in Toys R Us stores. And there’s bound to be even more deals as the time goes by. Some Toys R Us stores in the US have also started their deals. Soon, all US stores will do the same.

So, if you live in the US or UK and have a Toys R Us store nearby, be sure to keep your eyes peeled. There’s going to be some impressive deals as the stores start clearing their stock.