The two biggest teddy bear toss events go head to head this week

The two biggest teddy bear toss events go head to head this weekIt’s Thanksgiving weekend and there will be a lot of events. Including many Teddy Bear Toss events from sports teams. And two of the biggest are going to compete head-to-head.

On December 1st, both the Calgary Hitmen and the Hershey Bears hockey teams are going to hold their respective annual Teddy Bear Toss events. And both teams are famous with their huge number of donated stuffed animals.

In fact, both teams regularly battle for the world record of biggest teddy bear toss donations. This year is special for the Calgary Hitmen as it’s an anniversary Teddy Bear Toss event. The team wants to mark it with a gigantic number of donated stuffed animals.

The Hitmen have been rallying up the fans for weeks. They all want to mark the special event like nothing else.

It’s going to be a challenge though. The Hershey Bears already hold the world record of almost 35 000 stuffed animals donated in a single game. That happened last year.

Of course, they don’t want to lose that record. So, they are also rallying up fans to bring stuffed animals to donate. “We’re excited to further partner with abc27 to bring Bears games back to television this season,” said Vice President of Hockey Operations, Bryan Helmer, via a press release. “The world-record Teddy Bear Toss is a great way to begin our TV schedule as we showcase a truly special evening for a great cause.”

It’s going to be a big teddy bear toss weekend. And both biggest players going head to head is going to make it even more interesting.