The toy trends for 2019 according to the Toy Association

The toy trends for 2019 according to the Toy AssociationThis year is going to be quite active for the toy market. Companies want to shake off the problems from 2018 and are gearing up with lots of new toys.

The Toy Association held a special event during the New York Toy Fair where it announced its pics for the top toy trends for 2019. The picks are quite interesting and could shape up a great year.

“Parents and kids today are looking for toys and games that are fun, engaging, and keep them coming back for more, but that also enrich the play value to help build lifelong skills,” said Ken Seiter, executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association, quoted by ToyNews.

The Toy Association adds it expects 2019 to bring the ‘most creative and imaginative new products to hit store shelves in recent years’. It has chosen some interesting trends, as a result.

One of them is Unboxing 2.0. It means the craze for unique packaging, blind bags, surprises, hidden compartments and so on.

Next is the rise of slime, dough and similar toys. They have been around forever, but now they are evolving with new materials and new possibilities. “This element of educational value is sure to get parents on board with the craze for compounds,” said the organization.

Then come the throwback toys. While there are plenty of new toys around, people still love some of the classics. And many of them will have anniversaries in 2019. So, you can expect some special toys and offers for many popular toys and characters.

Then we have the imaginative toys, STEM toys and other interactive toys. They will continue to evolve and bring in new learning features. And they will also explore new ways to use technology to help kids discover new things or simply have fun.

Another trend will be the food-inspired toys. Many of them will focus on the idea of healthy lifestyle and teaching kids how to have a better quality life. Some toys though will just smell nice.