The Toy Association plans a virtual Toy Fair Everywhere

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The Toy Association plans a virtual Toy Fair EverywhereThe coronavirus outbreak changed a lot of plans and this includes the toy industry, too. Now The Toy Association is working on a new plan.

It’s planning a new virtual market program which it calls Toy Fair Everywhere, the ToyBook reported. The goal of this event is to create three 7-day virtual toy fairs.

This way people from the toy industry and toy fans will be able to connect and check out new products, albeit virtually. Each of the Toy Fair Everywhere will feature seven days worth of virtual events.

“Our aim is that Toy Fair Everywhere provides the industry with the much-needed opportunity to connect and engage from afar while continuing to make essential headway for their businesses to forge ahead in the current climate. We all know Christmas, birthdays, and gift-giving holidays are still coming, and the toy industry’s steadfast optimism and resilience must be met with the ability to prepare”, says Marian Bossard, executive vice president of global market events at The Toy Association.

The Toy Association is adamant that the virtual toy fairs won’t replace the actual toy fairs in New York, Dallas and so on. Instead, the virtual events aim to supplement these toy fairs in the current times.

The dates are:

  • July 13-19
  • August 17-23
  • September 14-20

Each virtual fair will feature special events, educational programs and other fun stuff. Some of it will be per-recorded, but there will also be plenty of live content, too. We can expect more announcements about further plans in the following weeks.