The top trends for toys from the 2017 Toy Fair

The top trends for toys from the 2017 Toy FairThe 2017 Toy Fair in the UK gathered over 250 exhibitors from the whole world. It was a great place to see the top trends in toys for this year.

Of course stuffed animals will always continue to gather interest. They will be a main trend, especially since this is going to be a year with a lot of movies.

And movies mean a lot of toys for them. So, you can expect quite a lot of movie characters to make their way into plush form.

But that’s not the only toy trend. Movies will dictate the toy market in other segments, too. You can expect a lot of new action figures, toy cars and themed playsets. There’s even a ride-on replica of Lighting McQueen which moves around with batteries.

Puzzles and other mind challenging games are another trend. A puzzle with 40 000 pieces which creates a huge picture with Disney Moments will try to gather your attention.

Interactive toys will also be a top trend. LEGOs, Playmobil and other playsets will hope for your attention. Electronics will also fight for your love, including an electronic hoverboard. Popular characters like the Teletubbies, Fireman Sam and others are also preparing for a busy year. The Teletubbies for example mark their 20th anniversary.

As a whole, a total 7500 visitors went to the Toy Fair. It was a host to over 250 exhibitors across 22 000 square meters. This was the 64th year of the annual Toy Fair in the UK.