The top toy trends from Toy Fair 2015

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The top toy trends from Toy Fair 2015The International Toy Fair 2015 in New York is over and there are lots of new toys and trends to check out. Some of them will be very important in the long run.

You’ve probably already noticed that toys are getting smarter, including stuffed animals. This was one of the top trends from Toy Fair 2015 in New York. Toys in gerenal are getting smarter and more interactive.

We’ve already taken a look at some of the interesting new stuffies at the fair. But now we are going to take a look where the toy industry is heading as a whole. Naturally this includes stuffed animals and soft toys which will also benefit from the new trends.

And the top toy trends from Toy Fair 2015 are two and relatively tied together. Interactivity and Internet. There will be new robotic toys like Zoomer Kitty or MiPosaur from WowWee. One is a cat on wheels and the other one is a dinosaur on wheels. They will be able to play fetch, interact with you in various ways. The Kitty also likes to be scratched. But sadly it is hard plastic and not soft furry fabric.

Barbie dolls are also trying to make a big comeback. This year Mattel will release a the new Hello Barbie. This will be the first doll that has integrated WiFi. The module will be used to connect to the Internet via a WiFi network and will give Hello Barbie the ability to talk and carry a conversation with the users. Thanks to the cloud technologies Hello Barbie will (or should) always have the appropriate answer.

Robotics is another top trend from Toy Fair 2015. There were a lot of various robots shown during the fair. Naturally these trends will carry over to soft toys as well.

You may know Trobo. We have already talked about him before here. Recently Popular Science magazine named it one of the top 10 best gadgets at the Toy Fair 2015. Trobo can be paired with an app and tell stories to the children. He will even run animations on the app in which Trobo will turn into the child and put him or her as the main character. Trobo will also help children learn various things about nature, languages and so on.

These trends are just starting. Expect to see a lot more toys that are interactive and can use the internet to bring you more content and ways to have fun. Naturally stuffed animals and soft toys will be one of the first to make use of the new tech. But don’t worry. If you prefer the traditional, quiet, stuffies, they will be around us for years to come.