The top holiday toys for this year, according to The New York Magazine

The top holiday toys for this year, according to The New York MagazineWe’re entering the holiday shopping season and that means lots of toys. Now even the New York Magazine is getting in on the fun with top toys.

The magazine has talked with its experts to pick 19 of the best toys for this year. As you can expect, there are some stuffed animals in the list, too.

In fact, they are more than we expected. This can only makes us happy. Of course, there are other regulars, too.

Among them we see the Fingerlings, LOL Surprise and other. But we are here for the new stuff. And the list has some interesting ideas. Here are some of them:

HatchiBabies – the new interactive Hatchimals which are babies. Very cute, even more fun and come with lots of accessories.

Scruff-A-Luvs – they are the new kid on the block this year. You “rescue” a stuffed animal and you wash it to reveal the surprise. Yes, “surprise-style” toys are still very, very popular.

Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg – another “surprise” toy. It’s a big egg which features several toys. Among them is a squishy toy, slime and a mystery plush toy.

Pomsies – Not so new, but still very cute. The Pomsies are furry interactive pets which can be quite fun.

Fingerlings Hugs – the new addition this year. Each has an unique personality and is much bigger than the regular Fingerlings. Plus, it’s plush, so it’s great for hugs.

Pokemon Power Action Interactive Plush Pikachu – the plush interactive Pikachu is very cute and has some interesting features. It’s a must for Pokemon fans.

So, yes, those are the best plushies for this holiday season, according to The New York Magazine. Not a bad selection, right?