The top 5 toys of the 1990s

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The top 5 toys of the 1990s
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Dominique Godbout

There’s quite a bit of nostalgia going for the 1990s including for toys. Here are the top 5 most popular toys of the 90s. Beanie Babies are amongst them.

Can you guess the rest? There were quite a lot of awesome toys during the 90s. Some were more popular than the others. Some should have been popular but didn’t manage to capture the attention of enough kids.

The Reporter Magazine of the Rochester Institute of Technology has set up it’s own list of the top 90s toys. We agree with the picks since we were also wowed by the same toys back then and some of them are amongst our favorites even to this day. All of our friends had at least two of them as well.

As we said, the Beanie Babies were amongst them. These stuffed animals had quite the story back in the day. So popular they even have their own myths, like the one they are home to spider eggs, which was proven false. People were obsessed with Beanie Babies with many collecting them to this day and some willing to pay big money for the more rare editions.

Tamagotchi was the other hugely popular toy back in the day. It was the first virtual pet simulation and naturally children were instantly interested. While tamagotchis were meant to encourage responsibility and teach children, they were also an obsession an a way of children to experiment “what would happen” type of actions. Even so, the toys were quite popular until other electronics took their place. Now they have come back as apps for Android devices.

Hot Wheels toy cars were extremely popular during the 90s, the 00s, the 80s, today… the brand of die-cast toy cars has expanded over the years offering scale cars from 1:18 all the way down to 1:64. It is yet another toy that became an obsession for many people who are collecting them even to this day.

Speaking of things to collect, how about Pokemon cards? They rose to fame in the 90s, expanding to several different types, product lines and games. For some though it was never about to play with the cards, but simply to “collect them all”.

The fifth most popular toy of the 90s was actually one of the most popular toys of all time. It was… drum roll… the Rubik’s Cube! It was invented in 1974 and to this day there have been more than 350 million cubes sold. There is even a special World Cube Association which organizes competitions. The fastest time ever to solve the puzzle? Just 5.25 seconds!

Which were your favorite toys of the 90s? Let us know!