The top 10 reasons why kids return toys to the stores

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The top 10 reasons why kids return toys to the storesNot everyone are happy with their Christmas gifts. So some kids decide it’s better to return the toys to the stores. Here are the top 10 reasons why.

According to King5 TV the day after Christmas is usually even more active for the retailers than Black Friday. The reasons are simple – people are looking for new big discounts and… a lot of people are returning or exchanging their Christmas gifts. This includes quite a lot of children and toy stores say that it is their busiest time of the year for returns.

So King5 went to the local mall and asked the kids for their reasons why they are returning the toys. A young girl says that the toy she got is simply not for her and will be more suitable for another child. So she exchanged it for a doll she really likes.

Another reason is that kids simply are now not interested in a given type of toy. Then comes reason number three: the theme of the toy is no longer interesting to the child.

Reason number 4: kids already have the toy and someone didn’t do their research well about it.

Next is reason number five: Santa didn’t give the big toy. So the child has to go to the store and exchange the small toy for the big one.

Reason number six is even more simple: “I want something else”, says a young girl.

Then comes reason number seven: The child already has the whole set so he or she needs something different.

Reason number eight is that they got a gift card, so they are actually there to get toys.

The second to last reason is even more simple: because you are a kid and love the toy store.

Reason 10: silence. Sometimes we just can’t say why, but we know we have to.