The Top 10 must-have toys for Christmas in New Zealand

The Top 10 must-have toys for Christmas in New ZealandAnother day, another must-have toys list, right? This one has a bit of a twist as it’s meant for kids in New Zealand. Do they have different interests?

Or maybe they have some exclusive toys? Well, probably they do. But the Top 10 list by Stuff and Trade Me is actually quite universal.

The kids in New Zealand have pretty much the same toys as everywhere else. And they seem to like pretty much the same toys.

So, some of the toy trends are basically universal. As you can expect, there are some plushies and stuffed animals making the list.

And no, you won’t be surprised to find out which ones. Among them are the Feisty Pets which are gathering steam worldwide. Another ones are Hatchimals Surprise.

Of course, LEGO is also here. This time with the new LEGO block tape. “Lego has reinvented itself time and time again, it’s popular all year round on Trade Me but especially at Christmas. Parents will be pleased that this year’s Lego craze is designed to keep the bricks off the floor. Lego Tape sticks to most surfaces so kids can be even more imaginative with their building blocks and find all sorts of new places to put their creations,” Trade Me spokeswoman Millie Silvester says.

And there’s a lot more. Here’s

Trade Me’s top 10 kids gifts for 2017:

– Feisty pets
– LOL Surprise Dolls
– Twin Hatchimals
– Fingerlings
– JoJo Bows
– Slime
– Lego block tape
– Shopkins
– FurReal Friends
– Unicorn balloon ball