The Tiny Headed Kingdom line of stuffed animals debuts in the US

The Tiny Headed Kingdom line of stuffed animals debuts in the USThe market for stuffed animals is quite saturated. Even so, there’s always room for more. So, meet the Tiny Headed Kingdom line of plush toys.

The Tiny Headed Kingdom plush toys are the brainchild of Mark Bailey and SPD Brands. The toys feature “Tiny Heads. Big Hearts”.

To us, they look a bit like the Baymax from Big Hero 6, but in animal form. That’s not a bad thing, though. The stuffies look great for hugging.

New toys with big hopes

You will be able to find the toys in the Go! Retail Group stores. Usually the toys come after the success of an animated series. This time, the success of the toys can bring an animated series to life.

Mark Bailey, who is an Emmy-nominated writer, wants to start his new creation first with plush toys. If they are popular enough, then the line will add apparel, more toys, books and animations.

“Our lion, tiger and bear are only the beginning. We will soon be adding more characters to the Tiny Headed Kingdom. We envision expanding the licensing program to include many other categories including apparel, collectibles and publishing. We are also pursuing animation opportunities”, said Bailey to ToyNews.