The “This is fine” meme dog finally gets its own stuffed animal

The "This is fine" meme dog finally gets its own stuffed animalIf you follow the web culture, you know about the “This is fine” meme dog. Well, after three years, it is finally getting its own stuffed animal version.

The “This is fine” meme dog is a comic. Author K.C. Green¬†first created the comic back in 2013. He managed to bring together two of the Internet’s favorites – suffering / complaining about something and cute animals.

The “This is fine” dog doesn’t really have a name. The original comic was about the dog drinking coffee with the world around it in flames and the dog saying… wait for it…. “This is fine”, of course.

Yes, This is fine

Over the years this has spawned countless of variations. The meme has been used about trivial things like how people with black cars with leather seats fell in the hot summer day. It has been used for serious issues as well like the world situation and so on.

The “This is fine” dog already has thousands of fans, if not millions. So it was only natural that when a stuffed toy of it pops up, it will be a hit. And it is.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign which is offering a 13-inch plush version of the “This is fine” dog. The campaign needed only $35 000 to make the stuffed animal a reality. With less than two days passed of the campaign it now has over $165 000 raised. There are still 29 more day to go!

The standalone version of the dog is a 13-inch plush which will cost $25. For $35 you can get the “Play Pak”. It will include a small stand/platform type-object that shows his usual burning house background. A great set piece for your fire-dog it sit in and wonder when it will end. And it folds up nicely too, if you’d rather not. It also features some stickers and a magnet.

The “This is fine” meme dog stuffed animals should be ready by November 2016. Then the shipping will begin!