The Teddy Bear Posse gathers 5000 stuffed animals for charity

The Teddy Bear Posse gathers 5000 stuffed animals for charity
Archive image | Image credit: Bakersfield Condors

The Teddy Bear Posse is a charity initiative which continues to gather popularity. It has now gathered 5000 stuffed animals for charity in Michigan.

The Teddy Bear Posse in Kalamazoo, Michigan announced it has a whopping 500 stuffed animals to give away. They will allĀ go to first responders in the city.

Firemen, policemen and ambulance teams will all receive from the stuffed animals. They will carry a few in their vehicles at all times.

The toys are for children who have been in crashes, fires or other emergencies. Why? Because it’s known that children can calm down and feel much better when they receive a stuffed animal in traumatic moments.

All of the stuffed animals have been given by people in the community. They will now go back into the community doing good and helping kids in need.

The Teddy Bear Posse will continue to gather new stuffed animals soon. The next campaign will soon start the preparation stage and then the donations will be open again. So, if you’ve missed the chance to participate, you will soon get another one.