The Teddy Bear Posse collects another 10 000 stuffed animals

The Teddy Bear Posse collects another 10 000 stuffed animalsYet another branch of the Teddy Bear Posse in the US reached an impressive milestone. The Posse in Wisconsin collected 10 000 stuffed animals for charity.

The Wausau Center Mall was the main place for the event. People there brought hundreds of stuffed animals which are for the local law enforcement.

This was the final call for stuffed animal donations. The whole initiative ran for a month at 50 locations.

The end results? Over 10 000 stuffed animals joined the Teddy Bear Posse. This is much bigger and better than the people in the group hoped for.

All of the animals will be professionally cleaned. Then they are ready to bring smiles to children in need. Local law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin will all receive stuffed animals from the Teddy Bear Posse.

“Whenever there’s any kind of traumatic situation when children are involved, if there’s a house fire, if there’s a domestic dispute anything like that, police are going to be able to have these in the back of their cars”, says Midwest Communications Promotions Director, Leanna Holzem said to WSAW.

A total of over 70 agencies will receive stuffed animals. The toys will be in the vehicles ready to help children in need. Holzem added they got the Teddy Bear Posse idea from a similar event in Michigan. This is a great way to help the community, they thought.