The Teddy Bear Picnic in Charleston will hold a Bear Fashion Show

The Teddy Bear Picnic in Charleston will hold a Bear Fashion ShowIf you’re close to Charleston today and are free, then go and check out the 8th annual Teddy Bear Picnic. It’ll be at Hampton Park on March 5th.

If you follow fashion, you know that now is the season of the so-called Fashion Weeks. It’s the time of the year when designers show off their new collections.

Teddy bears and stuffed animalsĀ also like fashion. This is why the Teddy Bear Picnic at Hampton Park will have its own fashion show, too.

It’s called Project Runway: Bear Style. If your teddy bear or stuffie likes fashion, this is the place to be and show it. It’s also a great way to showcase your own creations, too.

What about if your teddy bears aren’t feeling that well? Happily, the event will also have a special Teddy Care Station. There specialists will perform checkups on teddy bears and treat any injuries or tears.

Finally, when everyone are ready, the Teddy Bear Picnic will conclude. The final event is a big teddy bear parade of all participating stuffed animals.

There will be special guests, too. One of them is Parker Bear from the book “Here, There and Everywhere with parker Bear”. Kids and grown-ups will also have special activities. Among them are a double-dutch jump rope, scavenger hunt, sees planting, painting, hula hoops and many other crafts. Families can bring a picnic lunch, blankets and chairs. There will be food on site, too.

The event starts at 1:30 PM on March 5th. It will go on until 4:30 PM. Admission and activities are free. The books will be $12.