The technology trend in toys for 2019

The technology trend in toys for 2019Technology in toys is nothing new. But the 2019 New York Toy Fair showed us a lot of just how tech is coming into the toy market and what it will offer us.

As Techlicious reports, in 2019 technology will become even more prevalent in toys. And the tech trends in toys for 2019 are quite interesting.

One of them are the new dolls Yuly #Snapstar. They come with their own green-screen and thanks to an app for your phone, you can create custom photos of them at various locations.

The dolls have multiple joints for various poses and you can show off your style with a lot of additional outfits and accessories. The doll will be $14.47 and outfits are $4.47 each. The green screen and stand come with the main doll.

LEGO already introduced us its new Hidden Side construction playsets. They will offer you the opportunity to build haunted mansions and save them from their ghosts.

WowWee is also here with new Fingerlings Narwhals and UNTAMED Legends Dragon toys. The Narwhals respond to noise, motion and touch and have various reactions and illuminations. The Dragons do the same and can flap their wings even.

Want to play Pictionary with friends far away? This new set by Mattel will help you out. You can stream your air drawings to a TV for example. The special pen and camera allow you to draw in the air. You can’t see the drawing, but your friends can on their screens. This adds to the challenge.

Coding is basically like learning a new language and these days is seen as a basic skill that kids should know. So the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Twist wants to help by giving the first coding lessons in real life. There are more than 1000 coding combination with this toy and its twists dials which allow kids to program various movements of the critter. It can be interesting, fun and challenging.

Then there are interactive plushies. They have been around for a while and will continue to do so. You can expect them to be able to talk more, to react to you more and so on. Interactive STEM toys will also be an interesting choice for many parents and kids. Basically, technology in toys is evolving more and more and it’s also finding a nice balance between tech and “analog” playing.