The Tangle Pets are coming to the UK

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The Tangle Pets are coming to the UKThe pursuit for new types of toys is never-ending. Now we have the new Tangle Pets by Zuru. And these new toys are also coming to the UK.

The Tangle range is about two years old. Now it’s getting a new extension into the world of Tangle Pets.

The new line will feature six collectable pets. All of them can twist, tangle and shape. Here are the first six characters: Kitty, Puppy, Sloth, Bunny, Unicorn and Flamingo.

The main goal of the toys is for them to relieve stress and tease the brain. They are also loving to challenge the creative mind. Kids can use the toys together to create puzzles, even art.

“In 2017 we worked closely with Tangle’s creator and designer, Richard X. Zawitz, to re-purpose his original vision to create Zuru’s new versions. The introduction of Zuru Tangle Pets offers even more longevity for the range in the marketplace and appeals to the on-going popularity of collectible pet-themed toys”, Erika Sava, senior marketing manager, Zuru Toys says.

Kids in the UK can expect the new Tangle Pets to make their ways to the stores this October. Prices are yet to be announced.