The Tamagotchi comes back again with a new twist

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The Tamagotchi comes back again with a new twistThe 90s hit electronic toy Tamagotchi is coming back once again. This time with new features and a 21st Centurty twist – internet connectivity.

This is the latest Tamagotchi On by Bandai. The main features are pretty much the same. You get to take care of a virtual animal and making sure it’s happy.

The Tamagotchi Go is a bigger toy than before and now runs on AAA batteries. It also has an IR transmitter, so it can share data with other Tamagotchis.

For example, you can sent your pet to visit a friend’s Tamagotchi pet. They can even get married and start a family.

If they do so, each virtual pet will receive an egg which will hatch and become a child. Naturally, the player will now have to take care of two virtual animals at the same time. Up to 16 generations of a family can exist on a device at a given time.

Bandai will also launch a mobile app this year. This will allow kids to connect with other Tamagotchi On devices and players worldwide.

The rest of the features are pretty much the same. The screen is also now in color and the device has the same 3 buttons for navigation. There are more settings and some secret screens for you to find. Sales of Tamagotchi On start in July 2019 for a whopping $60 a pop which seems like a lot. Still, the new features might offset the higher price.