The Sweet Pups line of plush dogs is coming next month

The Sweet Pups line of plush dogs is coming next monthBrace yourselves, another line of plush toys is coming with big expectations. Meet the Sweet Pups which are coming to the UK next month.

Sweet Pups are coming as a new range of collectable pastries. Yes, you read that right, they are small, plush pastries.

You can also transform them into adorable plush puppies in a jiffy. And, as you can expect, they are all scented as desserts. There are a total of 12 plushies to collect.

Premium Toys made Sweet Pups with big expectations. The company showed off the new toy line during toy and trade fares earlier this year. The reception was more than positive.

As a result, the company now expects big things from the Sweet Pups. It also created a nice wave of interest by making fans online and having online and press competitions with Sweet Pups as rewards.

“Wire PR has been doing a lot of pre-launch social media with a limited number of samples available before the stock arrived and Sweet Pups have had a huge response with bloggers very keen to do reviews and host competitions. One online competition had over 13,000 entries”, Lindsay Hardy, marketing director at Trends UK, told ToyNews.

The Sweet Pups will make their way to the UK in July. They will also have the support of a big TV campaign and will make a big push to be the plush toy of the year. Or at least one of the best selling plushies this year.