The story of Mr Bean Teddy Bear

The story of Mr Bean Teddy BearMr. Bean is a popular comedy show with Rowan Atkinson in which one of the main characters is a knitted teddy bear, known as Teddy. He has quite the story.

As we all know, Mr. Bean is a bit… unusual. He often acts in a very strange, yet comical way. Despite his actions, Mr. Bean generally has good intentions but his overall clumsiness is what gets him into trouble. He also has a close bond with his teddy bear.

Teddy, as he is called, is Bean’s best friend. He is a dark broun knitted teddy bear with button eyes. Mr. Bean loves Teddy so much that he takes him on trips, sometimes shopping and even to a pet show which naturally Teddy wins. In Mr. Bean’s eyes, Teddy is alive and has feelings. Generally Mr. Bean takes very good care of Teddy, by washing him, getting him Christmas gifts, reading stories to him to fall to sleep. Bean even keeps quiet in the mornings not to awake Teddy.

mr-bean-teddyNaturally Mr. Bean’s clumsiness sometimes gets in the way. At one point he will shrink Teddy by putting him in the washing machine on a too hot setting. And sometimes he will unintentionaly tear or cut Teddy in half with the sliding drawer.

Despite that Mr. Bean always continues to take good care of Teddy. He will always repair him, get him new button eyes and so on.

According to Mr. Bean’s Wiki, Teddy is born on August 15th, but the year is unknown. In the animated series Mr. Bean celebrates Teddy’s birthday in a special way.

In one of the movies Teddy does not appear. Instead Mr. Bean tried to get him a passport thinking he is an actual bear. Since the Passport Office don’t know Mr. Bean is talking about a teddy bear they deny passport thus Teddy has to stay home.

Today Teddy is part of Mr. Bean’s display at the National Motor Museum. He sits in a replica of Bean’s car – the iconinc yellow Mini.

Here is how Teddy wins the pet show: