The Star Wars BB-8 Droid toy is taking over the Internet

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The Star Wars BB-8 Droid toy is taking over the Internet
Image credit: Lucas Film

The rotating BB-8 Droid from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie is already becoming the fans’ favorite. A new toy of it is taking over the internet.

The BB-8 Droid  is a duo-spherical robot that is a new, updated version of R2-D2, who is probably the most favorite character from the Star Wars franchise of all time. It is loved by a vast amount of fans all over the globe. Naturally all of them are pretty interested in the new BB-8.

In fact, they are so interested, there is an entire range of toys, collectibles and apparel dedicated entirely to BB-8. The line features a BB-8 suitcase, a plush droid, even a soap dispenser. There will be many more toys, too. Amongst them is a real, fully working BB-8 miniature robot that you can control via a smartphone app. This robot is created by a company called Sphero and it is already sold out in Tokyo. The good news is, that there are more coming.

The Sphero BB-8 Droid can roam around your house, patrolling it and keeping it safe. It can also make noises and navigate around obstacles. The smartphone app even supports voice commands to BB-8. Furthermore, Sphero is planning new updates to the app down the line. This means that with time your BB-8 Droid will be able to do more and will be even better at communicating with you via holographic messages and content from the movie.

Wired magazine¬†says that this is “the Tickle Me Elmo moment for The Force Awakens”. This means that despite it’s price tag of 150 dollars, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the little toy robot will quickly become a best-seller and will be valued by collectors worldwide.

You don’t have to wait to see the Droid in action. There are already two demo videos that show it interacting and playing with real life dogs and another video showing it being controlled by the app.

And here’s the live demo: