The Squishmallows stuffed animals reached 50 million sales

The Squishmallows stuffed animals reached 50 million salesStuffed animals continue to be among the top selling toys. And now we have a new big kid on the block. That’s the otherwise small and cute Squishmallows.

The company behind the Squishmallows, Kellytoy, announced that the cute plushies have reached 50 million sold items. This is just in two years times.

Kellytoy also says there’s “no signs of demand slowing down”. The Squishmallows are small, cuddly plush toys which already enjoy quite the popularity.

They have more than 200 000 followers on social media and more than 20 million video views on TikTok. “From the very beginning with the original squad, the amazing appeal of Squishmallows has driven significant, ongoing demand for this award-winning plush line,” said Kellytoy CEO Jonathan Kelly, quoted by ToyNews. “The steadily increasing demand for our collectible plush toys and pillows have propelled the adorable squads of characters into an international phenomenon, making them one of the most recognisable and in-demand toys and pillows in the marketplace.”

The Squishmallows already have more than 400 characters in their line-up. They are available in more than 40 countries which means there’s still a lot of big market potential for the cute plushies.