The Spokane Chefs’ fans put on a record Teddy Bear Toss for their team

The Spokane Chefs' fans put on a record Teddy Bear Toss for their team
Image: The Spokane Chiefs / Twitter

The Spokane Chiefs hockey team also had a good teddy bear toss event this year. It may be smaller than the big teams, but it still set a local record.

This weekend the Spokane Chiefs won their game and had a record Teddy Bear Toss. The record-setting crowd brought and threw 8604 stuffed animals onto the ice.

This happened after the first goal for the home team of the game. And that happened just 41 seconds into the match. The final tally of 8604 stuffed animals beats the previous record of 7655 plushies fans threw last year.

The Spokane Chiefs host teddy bear toss events since 2001. They are becoming family traditions and events, says Brian Cobb, director of media/public relations for the team to The Spokesman-Review.

“It’s become a holiday tradition for people,” he said. “We get a lot of families at this game. There’s sort of a different feel to it.”

Lots of hockey teams are having their teddy bear toss games this weekend. Most tallies aren’t ready yet. The Niagara IceDogs also had their charity event and got more than 4000 stuffed animals donated by fans.