The shutdown of Toys R Us creates a new challenge for Toys For Tots

The shutdown of Toys R Us creates a new challenge for Toys For TotsThe Toys For Tots charity initiative kicks into high gear during the holiday season. But this year it has to work with a new challenge because of Toys R Us.

Or mostly because of the closure of Toys R Us, to be exact, reports EverythingLubbock. The reason is because most of the people who donate toys, bought them from Toys R Us.

Toys For Tots’ Marines also used Toys R Us to buy the toys with the donated money. “We honestly usually can’t do it at all by ourselves. We usually get at least a third of our toys from donations,” says Gilman Rutihinda, a Marine representing Toys for Tots Lubbock.

“What’s especially hurtful this year is Toys R Us shut down recently, so we’re having to go through other venues to get as many toys as we could for the money we got,” Rutihinda adds.

Now people who donate toys are also not so keen to go around looking for toys in other stores. This brings concern that this year Toys For Tots Lubbock won’t top last year’s 7000 toy donations.

So the Marines are hoping that people will turn up. Also local businesses and other stores are stepping up. Hopefully this will be enough to help them out.