The Salvation Army begins its big toy drive

The Salvation Army begins its big toy driveThe Salvation Army began its big toy drive in the US this weekend. For the first time, the Salvation Army is partnering with Walmart for the toy drive.

The goal of the new partnership is to make it even easier for people to donate toys to the charity organization. And it aims to help people donate even more.

“It just really is a special day before we start ringing bells, before angel trees come out, to just emphasis don’t forget to buy a toy for Christmas for children in need” said Organizer, Frances Mitchelson to KOAM News Now.

The Salvation Army campaign is in many regions in the US. Schedule and spots can differ but right now it kicks off with registration for families which need donations. “That family could be a family with lots of children, a couple, a single, because we want everyone to have a better Christmas than what we may be able to provide for themselves” added Mitchelson.

Registered families will receive a food box, toiletries and toys for kids. Families have up to November 15th, 2019 to register. The schedules can differ from region to region, so it’s best to check your local Salvation Army office or site for more information.