The Resoftable push toys are a new line of sustainable stuffed animals

The Resoftable push toys are a new line of sustainable stuffed animalsAs we said before, sustainable toys will be a big topic and trend in the toy world this year and beyond. And it’s alreaedy showing with the new offers on the market.

Now Headstart International is joining this field with its new line of sustainable stuffed animals, The ToyBook reports. Meet the Resoftables.

The Resoftables are a cute line of 14-inch tall stuffed animals. Each plushie uses 100% recycled materials which are the equivalent of about 11 plastic bottles.

The goal of the Australian company is to make “affordable and sustainable products for the younger generation”. This will help Headstart International to repurpose more than 1 million plastic bottles within the next year.

“Resoftables has been one of the most exciting initiatives for Headstart leading into 2020,” says Andrew Hendy, CEO of Headstart International. “We know our customers are asking for cost-effective, sustainable products and we’re ready to introduce a safe and soft recycled plush to the ever-changing market.”

The Resoftables will make their debut during the New York Toy Fair from February 22 to 25. Soon after that they will make their way to the shops.