The Rescue Runts stuffed animals come to the UK

The Rescue Runts stuffed animals come to the UKBandai UK is bringing a new line of stuffed animals to the United Kingdom. Meet the Rescue Runts line of plush animals which need some love and care.

The new toys will be out in the stores this month. Rescue Runts features a line of five plush animals.

They are all about 20 cm tall and come with ruffled fur and look neglected. Some of them have “fleas”, wear bandages and are very sad.

Each plushie comes in a box with a brush, tweezers, cloth, collar and other accessories or items. Kids will then have to take care of their new furry friend and “heal” it, groom it and make it happy.

The goal of Rescue Runts is simple – to help children learn how to care for pets and to nurture their love of animals. And it’s one a one-time grooming. Over time the fur will start to get messy again and the dirt will reappear on the paws. So, kids will have to groom and take care of their furry friend again.

“We are very excited to add Rescue Runts to our portfolio. The characters are very cute and the ability to repeat the process of turning them from lonely strays to happy, loved animals offers something different to the consumer”, Emma King, product manager, Bandai UK says to ToyNews. It’s definitely a cool concept and has potential.