The rarest and most expensive Beanie Babies at the moment

The rarest and most expensive Beanie Babies at the momentFor many people Beanie Babies are more than simply toys. They are an investment which can bring them a lot of money. Or at least so they hope.

Some of the Beanie Babies out there are quite rare. And some people don’t even know how much they really cost today.

For example, QPolitical reminds of the story in 2015 when a couple bought a Princess Diana Beanie Baby for $12 at a car boot sale. Seems like a normal price, right? Well, the Princess Diana Memorial bear is one of the most rare Beanie Babies ever.

Ty made less than 100 of them worldwide. So, it was actually worth $25 000. And there’s one even more rare version of the bear. It was sold for $507 000.

You might not have this bear, but there are several other Beanies which also achieve high prices. Bear in mind (pun not (really) intended) that collectors are extremely picky. They want the best possible quality of the bear, all of its original tags. There are also variations of the pellet types, tags, origin country and etc. This means prices for rare Beanie Babies can and will vary greatly.

AmericaNow shows some of the most rare and sought after Beanie Babies at the moment. One of them is the Peace beanie. This bear differs from color to color and pretty much each of them is unique to some extent. This makes their price reach $30 000.

Next up is the Claude the Crab beanie baby. It was released back in 1997. Good examples can fetch up to $10 000

The Millennium bear was released in 1999 for.. you can guess. Some of the production though had some spelling mistakes on the tags. Some of the errors raise the price of this bear to $5000.

In 1997 Ty made and gave a special red Beanie Baby bear to its employees. The Employee Beanie Baby can go for $1600.

Another rare bear is the Coral Casino Beanie Baby. It was made in 588 units and each of them was numbered and signed by Ty Warner himself. You would expect these bears to be among the most expensive, but for some reason they can sell for less than $1000.

Next up is the Peanut Beanie Baby. It was released in 1995 and came in either royal blue or light blue. They have special labels and can go for $395.

Finally, the Humphrey Beanie Baby. It was released in 1993 and now can sell for $333.

But beware! Since classic Beanie Babies are getting so much money, there are a LOT of counterfeit versions out there. So, be careful when exploring the possibilities to add a rare Beanie Baby to your collection.