The police in Colorado helped a lost stuffed animal find its owner

The police in Colorado helped a lost stuffed animal find its ownerLosing your stuffed animal can be very sad. Especially for kids. Happily this tale has a happy ending thanks to the Fort Collins Police in Colorado.

This Saturday was the Taste of Fort Collins festival. A lot of people came to the event, including lots of kids.

Some of them were carrying their favorite teddy bears and stuffed animals, Sadly, one of them got separated from its owner.

It was potentially really sad. Some kid was missing his or hers favorite stuffed toy. The police say the lost lion managed to find an officer and needed help.

So, they posted a picture of the plushie, which they called Lucky, on Twitter asking if anyone is missing a stuffed lion or knows the owner. Less than a day later, the owner was found.

It turned out to be a baby girl who had the lion as her trusty companion during the event. Happily, the lion and baby are now back together.

“Fort Collins, you really outdid yourself – our original post alone was shared 1,300 times in just 12 hours and reached nearly 100,000 people!” Fort Collins police said on Facebook. “Your kindness and compassion is amazing and yet another reason why we love living and serving in this community.”

As you can imagine, Lucky’s family was also very happy and thankful. “We are so thankful that you took the time to post about my daughter’s misplaced stuffed animal! We are so LUCKY to live in a community that cares enough about their residents to do something like this!”, they wrote to the Police department.